Business Exporters

Exporting goods and services (produced in Canada and shipped them to other countries) is one way that businesses can rapidly expand their potential market. Money Globe Financial Group offers a complete and seamless service for all your payment, and trade finance, and assist your business to exploit the benefits of global trade. Not only is our exchange rate comparable to other financial institutions in this region, but we also provide the most secure and fast payment in Canada.

Business Importers

The international trade has risen over the past decade, and clearly many benefits to importing, such as lower prices, higher quality goods and gaining competitive advantage are the aspects that importers are looking for. Money Globe Financial Group assists business importers to trade with the best rate and help them get the most profit from the trades.

Additionally, based on guidelines for commercial goods into Canada, our expert management gives advice to business exporters to bring goods to Canada safe and securely.

Shared Know-How

It is very important to have the knowledge of doing something in its right way. This knowledge can be achieved by training and educating our kids from an early age. Money Globe Financial Group with the project called “Little Sunlight At Absolute Zero” assist our children to establish confidence and personal growth. Moreover, it creates safe and welcoming environments for immigrant children and families.

Finance and Investors/ Real Estate Investors

Money Globe Financial Group gives the best and accurate advice to investors in point of obtaining the best interest and mitigating the risk involvement. In addition, the time of participating in the market is a key factor for investment (especially for Real Estate investors) which can be achieved with consulting with our group.


Getting used to currency exchange rate and transfer fee is a major challenge for the most international students. Money Globe Financial Group assists students from all over the world for their fund transaction in a secure, fast and convenient way with the best exchange rate comparable to the most financial institutions locally. It also provides the best interest and encouragement for student families to use our services safely rather than sending cash by overseas travelers for their children and increase their risk.

Wire Transaction

A wire transfer is a fast way to move money electronically from one person to another using a financial institution for individual vacation expenses, tuition costs or for their loved ones. Money Globe financial Group wires funds globally in a secure, convenient, and reliable setting with the best conversion rate to and from countries regulated by Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering.


Canada and particularly British Columbia is a desirable tourist attraction globally. Money Globe Financial Group assists tourists from around the world to transfer their money conveniently and use our partnered banks gift cards internationally.


Immigration is a significant part of Canadian history and transferring funds safely and securely to Canada is one of the most challenging parts for immigrants. Money Globe Financial Group eases this challenge by transferring their funds securely with the best conversion rate comparable to other financial institutions. Additionally, new immigrants can access to our agents overseas and explore their options to enter Canada.

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