About MoneyGlobe Financial Group

MoneyGlobe Financial Group is a premier payment company located in West Vancouver, British Columbia. We offer secure and convenient payment solution. Our services are for both private clients and local businesses. We leverage over 15 years of experience on this industry to make sure we help to achieve the service that our clients need. Our expertise is to specialize wealth management and create excellent rapport with clients, and our high regard is to build long lasting business relationships.

MoneyGlobe is committed to providing tailored solutions for our client’s domestic and international payment needs. In fact, our team is a carefully selected group of people who are passionate about their industry and excel at responding to the unique needs of each client. From an individual with an international real-estate transaction to a corporate client moving millions of dollars, we offer a unique service. Whether a client requires the personal attention of one of our dedicated account managers or they prefer to use our secure online payment system to manage their own transactions, working with Money Globe time and money.


Marketing Channels

At MoneyGlobe we have strong Compliance infrastructure to make sure all the destinations, entity and person who we are dealing with, are Legette and there is now risk to conduct the transactions. We also have a community project name “Little Sunlight At Absolute Zero”. This community project also encourages parents and their kids to communicate better (psychodrama)

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to narrow the gap between immigrant parents and first-generation children as they tackle western lifestyle in conjunction with their native culture.

Our vision is to create a communication bridge for parents and their children to become closer and share in each other’s experiences with mutual understanding and trust.

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