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is a premier payment company located in West Vancouver, British Columbia. Our goal is to build up long lasting business relationships.

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Send money to almost anywhere in the world

Excellent service for all of your currency exchange and transfers needs.

Find an agent

When you desire to handle your money transfer in person, MGFG is near to help. We have several agent locations worldwide. Our friendly, knowledgeable agents can make your money transfer happen with comfort. Please contact us to get more information.

Track a transfer

To track a transaction, MGFG asks its clients to log in to their account where MGFG provides a Transaction Control Number (TCN) to its clients. Clients can then track the status of their transferred money by entering this TCN.

Estimate Fees

At Money Globe, the exchange rate is agreed on the trade date with the date of exchange as soon as possible thereafter. This rate is the called ‘spot rate’. For MGFG clients, the best spot rate is provided based on the volume they decide to transfer.

Our business services

Business Exporters

Exporting goods and services is one way that businesses can rapidly expand their potential market test on excerpt section.

Business Importers

We assists business importers to trade with best rate and help them get most profit from the trades.

Shared know-how

We creates safe and welcoming environments for immigrant children and families.

Finance Investors

Provide the best and accurate advice to investors in point of obtaining the best interest

Personal services


We transferring funds safely and securely to Canada


We assists tourists to transfer their money conveniently

Wire Transfers

We wires funds globally in secure setting with best conversion rate

Real Estate Investors

Real Estate investors can participate in market with consulting us


We provides the best interest and encouragement for student families

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Money Globe Financial Group guarantees a reliable and professional services with a knowledgeable trading team. MGFG provides its clients advanced exchange solutions for their businesses and personal needs and make sure the clients achieve the desired services.

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